Sonicwall and a 2K3 R2 Server

By mdphoenix ·
I'm looking for recommendations of how to configure the following:

I have a DSL modem feeding a Sonicwall TZ170. It then goes to a switch. All our clients and the 2K3 server are connected to the switch.

What recommendations do you all have for how to configure DHCP and DNS. Should I have the Sonicwall hand out IPs and be the DNS server? Should I have the Soniwall AND the server run DNS?

Should the server run DHCP since there are more options available?

I personally like the idea of DNS and DHCP running on the Sonicwall so that in the event of the need to down the server, Internet connectivity will still be available. But by the same token, I'd need to have DNS On the server since it's an AD controller.

Don't get me wrong. I know how to do all this. I just want recommendations and opinions of others and ideas of how you'd configure it.


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