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I was hoping to get some help on setting up content filtering for individual groups of users. I would like to set the filtering so some groups are blocked from certain websites while others are not. Im assuming its not that difficult, but I will be in meetings all day and need to get it setup this evening, so some help would be great. We don?t have any domain controller or anything, so our sonicwall pro 2040 running enhanced os recognizes all pc?s by ip address, which is what I would like to use for this setup. Do I just need to setup a couple different groups and a couple different content filtering ?setups? to associate with those groups? Can I just enter ip addresses as certain pc?s that I don?t want the policy to associate with? I really appreciate the help, thanks.

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Re: SonicWall content filter

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The easiest way to do this w/ the SonicWall is to setup CFS to block whatever sites and key words you wish to block and then add the IP addresses of those you wish to allow unfiltered access to the CFS exclusion list. I would add DHCP reservations into your DHCP server so that the addresses on this list don't need to be updated or verified regularly. I assume you are aware that even with the Enhanced OS you still need to license the content filtering service for the device annually to use it. They do offer free trials, though. I hope this helps. Thanks.

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I will probably end up using that shorterm, so I do appreciate that. Here is an example of what im looking for. I have manually set facebook, myspace, and youtube to be blocked by content filtering. Now i set this filtering to group A so they cant get to any of those three sites. I want group B to have no access to facebook and myspace but they do need access to youtube. So I dont want to give them unfiltered access to the cfs, just different setting that group A. Hope I cleared it up a bit. I do have the licensing for cfs. Thanks again for the help.

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by christianshiflet In reply to thanks

OK. Are you using SonicWall's single sign-on (SSO) or something similar? With that configured you should be able to setup groups within Active Directory (or your LDAP provider of choice) and apply filtering policies by groups (or individual users, I assume). I don't think that simply setting up LDAP authentication for users on the router will apply content filtering to local devices (PCs and such), though I could be wrong on that. I believe that will only apply the CFS policies to users logging into the router for, say, VPN or resource access over the Internet.

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