SonicWall ? How to Remove?

By HurriCain ·

We have a SonicWall in our LAN for our very small company. The man responsible for the LAN just passed away unexpectedly. I am now responsible for its management and have a *lot* to learn.

I would like to remove this wall. I believe it?s only function (for us) was the content filtering service which is no longer needed. Simply unplugging it results in not having access to the internet. Can someone please tell me what I need to do to remove this? I did call SonicWall, but because our subscription expired, they will not work with me. I do know the name and password to get into, but I have no idea what to do from there.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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That's most probably your firewall

by Kenone In reply to SonicWall ? How to Remove ...

I don't think that you want to remove it.
What problem are you trying to solve?

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Content Filtering

by HurriCain In reply to That's most probably your ...

I believe our T1 router is our firewall. I think the SonicWall was put into place to prevent a particular employee (now gone) from going to various web sites. Our LAN is sluggish and I suspect the Content Filtering may be the reason so I wanted to remove this and see.

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I doubt SonicWall was for just a single employee ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Content Filtering

Pity really, your story was holding water up until "I think the SonicWall was put into place to prevent a particular employee (now gone) from going to various web sites."

Internet content filtering won't be the cause of a sluggish internal LAN.

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Probably not...

by tmalo627 In reply to Content Filtering

If your subscription to the content filter expired, that shouldn't slow anything down. It should just not filter. If you still think that's what's happening, try logging on to the Sonicwall and going to the Content filtering section and disable that service. I doubt the T1 router is your firewall. The Sonicwall would be a better solution for that. If you can give us a model of the Sonicwall, we can help give you more specific instructions on how to do that. Or you can check their website for a user's guide. They are usually very detailed about setting configurations like that.

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More Info

by HurriCain In reply to Probably not...

T1 Router -> Switch1
Switch1 -> Server, Switch2, SonicWall (WAN connection)
SonicWall (LAN connection) -> Switch2
Switch2 -> computers and printers

I hope that makes sense. Because of this configuration, I can?t see how the SonicWall could be our Firewall ? but as I said, I have a lot to learn and perhaps I am wrong about this.

It just says sonicWALL/10 on the back. It is a small blue box with a power cord, 1 WAN connection and 1 LAN connection ? and that?s it.

When I called SonicWall, they said that even though the subscription had expired, it would still filter. On ? there is a Delete button, but I was worried I would bring us completely down by doing that.

If this is not causing our slowdown, do you have other suggestions I should be looking into???

OldER Mycroft ? not sure why I lost you. We had a gal who liked to go the various social sites and the man who ran things didn?t like that. Personally, I could care less ? it didn?t prevent her from answering the phone which was her job. But, she has since left us, so it is a moot point. Still ? we get lots of annoying ?this site is blocked? where an AD might be all over the place ? if that makes sense.

Thank-you all for the help ? it is truly appreciated.


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RE: Sonicwall

by martynGB2 In reply to More Info

Refer to my previous post, The Sonicwall Model number is on the sticker on the bottom of the unit, seems you have an older 1, the /10 usually means 10 node capability (by default). It's probably a 150,170 or 180.
The CFS service is configurable for what it blocks. Expired just means you don't get the filter updates anymore.

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CFS policy and Sonicwall

by martynGB2 In reply to Content Filtering

It would help to know which Sonicwall you ahve and what O/S Version it's running, however:

NOTE: It's highly unlikely that the Sonicwall CFS is slowing dow your network.

1. You need to know if the Sonicwall is acting as the main Firewall, it usually is in a small operation. You could see what your default gateway is through running ipconfig from a command line, this is probably the Sonicwall.
2. Go to Internet Explorer and type in the gateway address, this should bring up the Sonicwall login.
3. Login as admin and (newer O/S) go to Security Services or wherever the CFS service is located. You can customize the settings but I wouldn't turn it off.

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I have to say it

by NexS In reply to SonicWall ? How to Remove ...

To remove your SonicWall, hire a Dr. RobotnikWall.

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by seanferd In reply to I have to say it

I'm a no too sure this will-a result inna working network again. But he'll-a be gone!

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I think

by NexS In reply to Ba-Zing!

We just solved the riddle!

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