SonicWall? How to Remove???

By leew1954 ·
I want to remove a Sonic Wall. Just unplugging it only prevents access to the internet. I will replace it with a Linux-based firewall. Apparently one just doesn't unplug sonicwall boxes -- it leaves junk inside the servers someowhere.


The question was asked before, but no one gave an answer. How does one completely remove a sonicwall firewall, in addition to just unplugging it. Sonicwall doesn't provide an answer.

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by christianshiflet In reply to SonicWall? How to Remove? ...

A short answer would be that you need to configure whatever you are replacing it with to be identical and then swap them. The SonicWall is almost certainly also acting as a router so simply removing it (or any brand router, for that matter) and not replacing it will remove an integral part of your network. Just because there is another router behind it (probably provided by your ISP) does not mean that it is redundant.

I realize this doesn't exactly tell you what to do, but without a bit more information regarding your network setup there isn't much else we can tell you.

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You have to be

by BizIntelligence In reply to SonicWall? How to Remove? ...

more specifig about your network setup. Just providing a connection diagram (T1-->Router-->SonicWall-->Switch) is not enough to troubleshoot or suggest changes.

I have setup like this

Soniwall > Juniper > Switch

If I remove Sonicwall then I will loose VPN functionality only....

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SonicWall doesn't leave anything software on servers workstations

by Screen Gems In reply to SonicWall? How to Remove? ...

so right off the bat, you just implied you don't really know the product.

So you have a router in front of the SonicWall, what kind?

It's possible that the perimeter router is configured to only work with the SonicWall device by IP address or MAC address. ....

might start there...

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