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I am trying to add a few people to the ?exception? list for intrusion prevention. Here is my issue?. I have a group of people accessing our network, I would like for lets say 2 of the 7 users to be exceptions to this. My problem is that when I add the exceptions by ip address, those address change depending when the users access the network. Is it possible to add mac addresses to the ips exception list. This way I know for sure that the people I want to be exceptions will always be exceptions. Thanks in advance for the help. Im running on sonicwall pro 2040 enhanced os. thanks.

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why would IPS block remote access users?

by CG IT In reply to Sonicwall IPS Exception L ...

If you have public services you want remote users to access Sonicwall has that capability. Intrustion prevention doesn't get involved with remote access clients.

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not remote users

sorry, i guess i explained wrong. These are local users. say i put 2 users ip addresses in the exception list so those users arent affected by ips, it works great. however if those users come login a week later and are dealt out different ip addresses by dhcp, they are now not in the exception list for ips.

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by christianshiflet In reply to not remote users

Add DHCP reservations for those user's MAC addresses so they are always provided the same IP address from your DHCP server.

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