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SonicWall TZ170 Standard

By John Smallwood ·
Just started role as IT guy at an insurance company. Currently we have 64 public IP addresses that we also use as our internal network IP addresses. We have a sonicwall TZ170 Standard SonicWall device that we use to route IP information. Currently the mode is set to Transparent Mode. Since I'm just starting to really work with this device, I'm really would like some help before I make any drastic changes. What I would like to do is set the Mode to NAT enabled so that I can setup our network to have private IP addresses instead of all public IP addresses. We have over 60 Firewall access rules as well setup on this device. Note, we do have a DNS server as well as a DHCP server so there will be no need to enable those options on this device. Any help would be great appreciated. If you guys have any examples that would even be better.

For instance lets say may public
IP range is: thru**

IP address is for listening

IP address is a router which belongs to our ISP and we have no control over

IP address is the
SonicWall TZ170 Standard Device

Under settings the

WAN is set to Transparent Mode
with IP Address of
subnet mask

I think once I change the WAN to NAT enabled I think I then would have the option to change the LAN record with a starting IP of something like:

Let me know if anybody can help or if you need any more additional information. I'm a visual person so if you have any examples that would even be better.

Thank you in advance....

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