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    Sonicwall VPN question


    by cwilson55 ·

    After installing a Sonicwall vpn client to both a Toshiba laptop and a Dell PC, both systems can not connect to a wireless network. I was able to connect the laptop to the Linksys 4 port firewall router wired sucessfully. I have been unable to re-establish the wireless conncetion. I suspect that the VPN client has changed some local setting. Any ideas?

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      by cwilson55 ·

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      try this

      by tech06 ·

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      You should be able to get answers at Sonicwall website. They have a forum there (if you are a registered users) specifically on VPN issues.

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        Enable Split Tunnels?

        by jeff.mahan ·

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        Do you have the enable split tunnels box checked on your global VPN client settings? It sounds like that is your issue. Split tunnels allows access to the internet as well as your VPN

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      Is the VPN server connected to the Wireless Router

      by hchung4836 ·

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      If you are trying to connect while at your workplace and the wireless router is behind the VPN server. You will not be able to establish a connection to the wireless network unless you disable the VPN client connection.

      That is if you are already inside the network you can’t try to establish a VPN connection in.

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