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Sonicwall VPN question

By jasonemmg ·
Here is my situation, we have two SonicWall's (a TZ-170 and TZ-210) and would like to be able to use the TZ-170 for
site-to-site VPNs and the TZ-210 for LAN on the same ISP. We do have multiple WAN IPs available if needed.

Is it possible that these SonicWall's can be connected so people connected through the TZ-170 (site-to-site VPN) can access a server on the other SonicWall TZ-210 (LAN)?

Thank you!

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Maybe I'm missing something here but

by robo_dev In reply to Sonicwall VPN question

A user remotely connected to a site via VPN can access the LAN at that site, and a the existence of a site-to-site VPN should be transparent to the users, whether they are local or remotely connected (via a VPN or other method) The only tricky part would be that the two LANs are different subnets, but that's a simple routing thing.

As long as the TZ supports doing both site-to-site and user VPN at the same time, and it has the processing power to do that, and Sonicwall supports it, it will work.

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further explanation

by jasonemmg In reply to Maybe I'm missing somethi ...

What I'm looking to do is keep my site-to-site VPN clients on the TZ-170 they are already using. I would use the TZ-210 for LAN (employee internet).

How do I allow my clients via sit-to-site to access 1 server on my LAN this way? Can I join the 2 sonicwalls together some how and keep my IP WAN and LAN as is or do I have to get into subnetting,etc..?

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Thinking out loud

by robo_dev In reply to further explanation

While there may be some advantages to having a router/firewall as an way to connect these two devices together, as long as you got the proper default gateway setup, this would work.

The thing that's missing is getting the users to conect to the Internet. If you do that now with the same device that does the site-to-site VPN, then adding a device for a user VPN is no big deal.

in most cases I've seen this sort of thing done with a Cisco router and a separate firewall.

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