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    Sony amnesia


    by pmbrent ·

    I have a Sony PCV-RS34G, that refuses to recognize the computer. I put in a new HD 18 months ago, it worked no problem,

    I have followed everthing Sony has suggested.

    Some companies use a record or chip in the computer to tell the software if it is their product.

    I have no problem as I own thr computer and ordered a copy of the install hardware, both registered with Sony. Is not as if I wanted to pirate anything.

    If you can help, please do, I need it.


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      It’s no wonder

      by nicknielsen ·

      In reply to Sony amnesia

      The Sony website doesn’t know what a PCV-RS34G is:

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        by pmbrent ·

        In reply to It’s no wonder

        there were two series rs+rz I mixed the letters. I do things llike that sorry. There web site is of little use.

        some pcv-1122 are listed as well.
        mobd is p4-sd-vx

        Intel p4 ht, 1.5 g ram


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