Sony DVD-RW DRU190A not working

By frawser7917 ·
Certain cds and all the dvds are not working in
my Sony DVD-RW: DRU190A. Only certain cds are
working and not all the cds. All this happened
2 days before and everything was working before
that. I had finished uninstalling and
reinstalling drivers, done firmware update,
also finished running sfc /scannow. I had
unplugged and replugged the cables and also
finished auto updating. Restarted the shell
hardware detection in Services.msc. No use. Can
anyone suggest me any other troubleshooting to
make the dvd rw to work properly?

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These drives have two different wavelength LED's

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Sony DVD-RW DRU190A not w ...

By your description of the problem the DVD Wavelength has failed all together and the CD Wavelength is marginal.

This comes fro,m leaving Disc's in the drive when they are not being used or for long period of use. If you need to have a Disc in any optical drive for long periods of time you should load a Virtual Drive and copy the Disc's contents over the the HDD where it will run much faster.

You can try cleaning the Optics of the Drive but I think you'll need to replace the drive all together.


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Yeah I understood what you mean.

by frawser7917 In reply to These drives have two dif ...

Yeah I understood what you mean. I have to
open the hardware to clean the optics or just
run a dvd cleaner or something but I don't
have one. That would be my last try. Can you
suggest me?

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Well if it is just a bit of Dust inside the unit

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Yeah I understood what yo ...

A Disc with the brushes glued on the Data Face could work but it will not tell you if the Lens has been discolored stained or if it is going Opaque.

If you open the drive you may find a lot of rubbish inside the drive or it may be something simple. Of course on the down side the Belt if you unscrew the Motor Card is hard to replace so depending on how well you know these things it's a bit of a Crap Shoot.

Personally I would be pulling the drive apart and seeing if I can find anything wrong inside it. But that's just me others just pull a drive and replace it if they are unhappy with the way it is working.

It's a bit hard to say here as I can buy a replacement DVD Burner for less that 15 minutes Labor costs so I tend to replace rather than cost the customers more to repair.


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Good thanks.

by frawser7917 In reply to Well if it is just a bit ...

Good thanks. My system is ready for a new DVD
RW. Can you suggest me any good brand?

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I personally use Sony Drives for this

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Good thanks.

They seem to be as good as they get. They are better than Samsung Drives and I'm no fan of the Lite On Type Drives.

However as these are all now made in China at the NEC Factory it's probably a case of Badge Engineering meaning they all come out of the same door of the factory with different stickers claiming that they are different makes of Drive.

But I'm only paying something like $35.00 AU per Burner so they are effectively Throw Away items now.


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Try a bootable DVD / System Restore /Upper filters

by robo_dev In reply to Sony DVD-RW DRU190A not w ...

IF you suspect it is a software problem, then try one of two things:

1) try a bootable DVD. If it will not boot from a bootable DVD, then it's clearly a hardware issue. IF it will, then it's likely a software issue. Assuming that the bootable DVD is a linux distro, then see if the DVD and CD works properly under linux.

2) If the machine works 100% OK in the above test, then it's a software issue.

IF you have system restore enabled, then do a system restore back to when it was working properly.

3) Upper Filters registry fix:

at least 80% of the time, this simple registry fix will make a CD/DVD start working again, assuming it's not a hardware issue

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