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Sony get's caught

By crazijoe ·
Looks like Sony gets caught with there pants down with their 'root kit' on audio CDs. So how do you think this will affect the public with accepting their 'Blu-Ray' technology?

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MS also gets caught with a lack of security

by jmgarvin In reply to Sony get's caught

If by using the autoplay feature as a USER I can install a rootkit that can AFFECT THE ENTIRE SYSTEM, MS needs to go back to the drawing board.

There needs to be clear priviledge seperation.

Oh, and blue ray looks nifty!

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Probably won't mean much to most people

by stress junkie In reply to Sony get's caught

Hopefully there won't be any linkage between Sony's "root kit" and their CD/DVD/Blu-Ray equipment business. I expect that most people will never hear about their "root kit". Of the ones who do find out about it few will care. Most of the computer market doesn't really care about computer issues.

As a tech savvy computer user who doesn't play music on computers I'm disappointed with Sony's decision to implement this "root kit" and their further decision to not recall the affected albums. If they don't make this kind of mistake again then it will not affect my purchasing decisions.

I hope that Sony will release a Blu-Ray writer soon. The medium looks like a good replacement for DVD data storage. If they (can) make the Blu-Ray rewritable then it will be great. If it is write once then it will still be very good for long term archive storage.

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