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    Sony Memory Card query


    by gaur ·

    I have a 128 MB Sony Memory Card which I use in my handycam. Now I can connect
    it to my handycam, go to My Computer and open the card and browse through the

    Is it possible for me to use the same Memory Card using some device to transfer
    files from office and take them home, where I access the Memory Card using my
    handycam and copy the files off from it.

    Let me know,


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      by thechas ·

      In reply to Sony Memory Card query

      All you need is a USB card reader that supports Memory Sticks.

      SanDisk is but 1 manufacture of such devices.

      You can often find memory card readers for under $20 (US).

      Before the advent of “thumb” drives, I used memory readers on my PCs for file transfer.

      They can be faster than connecting the camcorder to the PC to download files.
      Plus, with a memory reader, you don’t need to turn on the camera to download.


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      by gaur ·

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