Sony Vaio CD/DVD drive replacement-Help??

By barry ·
I have a Sony VIAO laptop PCG-F690K with a dead CD/DVD drive. Just wont read anything anymore. Bought a replacement, but nowhere can I find how to install it. Instructions I do have start with taking the keyboard off, then easily replacing the optical drive. But how to take Keyboard off? Called Sony and I discover answers are in their Service Manual, part #987214811 -- but it is 2 months back ordered - LOL! Or they want to charge me $200 to tell me where the KB screws are!

There are no screws on the side where the CD drive is. Also, I checked under the Fn and Win keys -- no screws there either. However, on the opposite side (the left) of the Sony PCG-F690K, there is a screw which I unscrewed and the faceplate came up. I could bend the KB back about an inch but beyond that didnt want to force it -- seems like something holding it down in the center -- although I wondered if I could just yank it out. I can see the old optical CD Drive -- once I get the KB off I have instructions to change the drive.

Anybody out there who can help me?

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