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Sony VAIO Laptop - Anyone have one? Worth It?

By Shellbot ·
In about 6-8 weeks i am going to treat myself to a laptop.

Needs to be lightweight and good enough spec to last a couple years.

I won't be using it for gaming (have desktop for that), but will be using it for development. So will be running Visual Studio and SQL Server (more than 1 version).

Now, me being a girl..the Sony VAIO has caught my eye. Its lightweight, and pretty to look at.

I'm not rich enough to say money is no object, but i have a term savings account maturing, so have a few extra bucks on me. I'd really really like to get one. Every time i pass the Sony shop I'm like a kid with my face glued to the window.

Are they worth the extra cost? Are they relatively durable? I won't be packing it around everyday, more to use at home mostly.

Any good or bad experiences with them??

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Had one

by Tig2 In reply to Sony VAIO Laptop - Anyone ...

The only problem with the Vaio is that they tend to have heating problems. Get yourself a cooling rack to keep under it- raises the lappie about an inch from the table and is wire- promotes good air flow.

Consider an HP as well. My personal thought is that the HP beats the Vaio for durability.

Most importantly, get the one you want. Everyone will have a preference for one brand over another but the way the computer feels for you is the most important consideration.

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good idea

by Shellbot In reply to Had one

for cooling.

Which model you did you have?

I found a nice enough HP one, can't rememebr the model now. Also found a Packard Bell one that actually loked pretty sweet, just not sure how it would be under the hood tho.

Want..I want a Vaio..i just want to make sure i don't spend a fortune and regret it :)

I'll probably end up getting one..hubby said he'd kick in a bit..*increases my spending power* :)

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Hey Shell

by Tig2 In reply to good idea

Sorry to reply so late.

I have a dv9000 and fiancee has a dv8000. We both love them.

I would avoid Packard- we used to call them Packard Hells.

Your considerations should be chip, video, RAM, HDD in about that order. First should be base architecture- how does the machine function?

Test drive EVERYTHING, buy what works best for you. And buy a cooling rack- I am always willing to pay $5US to protect $1000+US.

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by Steffi28 In reply to Hey Shell

I would avoid Packard too There not nice

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The SZ series is amazing

by ErickP72 In reply to Sony VAIO Laptop - Anyone ...

I have had bad experiences with the clunkier Vaios in the past, but I think Sony now has the only killer machine in the market. Dells are ugly and heavy (and in my experience, they degrade with wear and tear). Toshibas are a shadow of their former selves. IBM, um, Lenovo - well they're ugly. Acer etc are nice and all but if your taste borders on the gamer mentality (strange colors and wannabe shapes/sizes).

SZ looks very sleek, the keyboard is fantastic, I got a slightly pricy machine with Core2Duo and 2GB memory, along with the fastest available hard disk (a fast disk is very important btw, even more than memory in my experience). It has built in camera, and the finger print stuff is well done -- I use a lot of password protection but dont need to type it everytime anymore. Get rid of all the Sony software that comes bundled with it, and you have a fantastic machine.

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by Shellbot In reply to The SZ series is amazing

was looking at that one..
looks sleek allright..made me drool anyways.

Lenevo..over here everyone is "talking" about great they are..but like you, i think they ugly, and to be honest, i couldn't take it out in public :)

I'll put the SZ on the list :)

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Lenovo is pap

by ErickP72 In reply to SZ

SZ is unbeatable at the moment. Lenovo not only looks ugly, it also has subpar stuff inside. Try to get a Vaio that's manufactured in Japan, not in Malaysia or China, and you'll never regret it for the next two years. Get a Core2Duo and 2GB memory. You'll turn heads.

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Glad you haven't bought it yet, Shell.......

by gadgetgirl In reply to Sony VAIO Laptop - Anyone ...

From the top - you know my t'other half runs our computer company? repairing pc's, laptop, building to spec etc. etc.

Sony's are a big pain in the butt in general, and Vaio's in particular. Reasoning follows :

1. Sony will not, under any circumstances, supply parts to anyone. At all. Not nobody. It doesn't matter who you are, you cannot buy any Sony part for any Sony machine. Sony repair their own machines. Full stop.

2. We have had three machines in the last 6 months in for repair which have literally JUST run out of warranty (in one case, by 4 days) when the fault has occurred. I'm not saying that's normal, just notable.

3. Sony repairs are expensive. They also have a long turn-around time. See below

4. The Vaio started off with an inherent design flaw in the hinge, which they have done mods on, but not to 100% satisfaction, on the latest models.

This fault is that the hinge, under constant use when opening and closing the laptop, gradually tightens itself to the point of strangulation. It then can't open at all - when it is forced, the hinges crack (I wish I had video; I could actually point to the place where the crack starts, finishes and expands....) Around two years ago we first came across this, and rang Sony to find that they didn't do parts; we asked how much and how long for them to do it. ?45 minimum charge, and six weeks. To do two hinges? [get this] ?90 minimum charge, and up to 12 weeks....

Other half made up a stencil, bought some metal, cut it out, formed it, and replaced the pair of hinges on the Vaio that had been left with us. Put a note in with the laptop about Sonys' response, and their cost, which had been verified by email. HOB charged ?35, and the job was done in five days.

Got a cheque and thank you card back from the client - cheque for ?50.....

I know they've adjusted and amended the hinges since this original fault happened, but now another couple of things are starting to show -

a) The hinges have been slackened off so much that after constant use for about a year, the laptop lid will suddenly shut of its' own accord

b) They still insist on "hiding" the ribbon lead connector from the laptop to the screen within the hinges; if the hinge tightens too far, it pinches the ribbon lead: if the hinge slackens off altogether, and the screen falls backwards, it breaks the ribbon lead.

Personally, I have a Packard Bell but it's getting on a bit (3.5 years) but it's had a few USB problems, and the PCMCIA slot no longer works. But it's still my baby.....

Shell, you're not all that far from me - I can get trade discount on some stuff from some places... pm me before you make an actual purchase...


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Similar Experience

by jdmercha In reply to Glad you haven't bought i ...

The Sony is fine, until you run into problems. This is worth repeating:

"1. Sony will not, under any circumstances, supply parts to anyone. At all. Not nobody. It doesn't matter who you are, you cannot buy any Sony part for any Sony machine. Sony repair their own machines. FULL STOP. "

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Ditto on the parts issue

by DMambo In reply to Glad you haven't bought i ...

A friend asked me to work on one (it was a few years old, so maybe it's changed by now). It was clearly a dead HDD. I figured that it would be no problem, but I couldn't find any access to the drive short of opening the case or removing the KB. I called Sony tech support expecting to be referred to a download for the tech manual, but their only response was that it needed to be sent in and repaired - minimum $100.

My friend was looking for an excuse to buy new, so he told me to forget about it. I'm sure I could have figured it out, but I was totally turned off by their attitude. My buddy bought an Acer, which seemed like a good value at the time and has been trouble-free since.

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