Sony Vaio laptop doesn't boot

By Tig2 ·
I have an old Vaio that I had planned to give to a friend as her pc is
dying a slow death. The last time I booted the thing was about a year
and a half ago when I reimaged it after the SO bought his HP. It has
been sitting unused for that time. It wasn't dropped or otherwise

When I try to power it on, it makes no effort to do anything and is not
getting to the BIOS so no beeps that might give me a clue.

It is fully charged according to it's battery indicator light.

Has anyone ever had this experience? Can you give me some ideas
where to begin to try to fix? Or should I pronounce it a brick and
apply the rubbish solution?

I DO award thumbs for helpful answers. Not like some people around

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Suspect dead CMOS battery

by nepenthe0 In reply to Sony Vaio laptop doesn't ...

The CMOS gradually drains the little rechargeable watch battery that keeps a trickle current to the CMOS chip. I'll bet your CMOS battery is dead.

I would recommend replacing the CMOS battery. To my knowledge, the BIOS program is preserved intact (you know more about this stuff than I do).

Rick/Portland, OR

P.S. - Congratulations on 100+ Thumbs Up! Well deserved, honorably earned.

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Almost right there but these NB's have a Smart Socket not a BIOS Battery

by OH Smeg In reply to Suspect dead CMOS battery

These Smart Sockets are effectively a Electrolytic Capacitor a polarized Device that can be used to absorb Power Spikes or like a Battery.

Tig the Smart Socket for BIOS has probably gone flat so leave the NB plugged in for a few hours and try booting it again. If that doesn't work loose the battery but make sure that it's been on mains power for several hours first just to stop any spikes doing damage.

You'll probably need to reset the BIOS as the settings like Date & Time will have been lost when the CMOS lost power.

You'll most likely need to replace the battery as well because by now it's developed a Memory or whatever it's called for that battery type.

Drop me a PM if you need any more advice


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Hey Smeg!

by Tig2 In reply to Almost right there but th ...

When you say replace the battery, are you saying replace the
NB battery? Or is there a battery on the board that you are
referring to?

Resetting BIOS is nothing. I can do that easily. But if this
thing is salvageable, I would like to try. My friend is a
starving student and the lappie will fill a real need for her.

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Tig yes it's the NB Battery

by OH Smeg In reply to Hey Smeg!

The Sony that you used to mention shouldn't have a BIOS Battery but a Smart Socket which does go flat over a very long time of inactivity.

The battery that was in the NB as the Main Battery if left unused over a long time will go off and not work properly as they either do not produce enough power before going flat or will not fully charge. Maybe a few Discharge Charge cycles when the NB is working again will do some good depending on what the battery actually is. If it's a Ni Cad that will help but if it's a Lion forget things just shove a new battery in it.


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There's another thumb in your future

by Tig2 In reply to Tig yes it's the NB Batte ...

Just wanted to hear you confirm that. The computer should
still have some serviceable years left and I think that
replacing the battery is a small price to pay.


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Great Tig I only answer questions for the Thumbs.

by OH Smeg In reply to There's another thumb in ...

You are trying to push this account to 666 too aren't you.

And it only a new one that I recently created.

You should get a lot of life out of this NB and if it had of been used the battery wouldn't have karked it into the bargain. But I can't talk as I think I've pulled my NB out twice since th move and it's battery is shot as well now. Seems that for some reason it doesn't like not getting any attention and it's going to cost me for not playing with it. I should get Boxy in to Fiddle about with it I suppose.

Col ]:)

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What are you going to do when this persona hits 666?

by Tig2 In reply to Almost right there but th ...

You are correct sir. See other response and win another

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Well Tig I don't know

by OH Smeg In reply to What are you going to do ...

Looking like Maxwell or The Chas with a Gazillion Thumbs isn't my style. Several years ago I got feed up with people not responding to questions that they asked and was going to stick with the Discussion side of TR but Chas ruined that for me by suggesting that it was maybe a good idea to answer questions to brush up on things that I didn't use all that much and it sort of caught hold and got me addicted to answering questions all over again. I'll have to put out a contract on Chas for that won't I?

Anyway Tig that's a long way off so I'll think about it when I get closer. :0

There is always another account that I created when I setup this one I can use though. :^0

Col ]:)
edited because Boxies Typing Lessons are having a extremely deferential effect on my typing. ;\

I still maintain that her idea of taking the keys off the keyboard and placing them where I want them rather than where they should be on a QWERTY Keyboard doesn't work but she's insistent and I'm way to clever to argue with a woman. :0

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Ah, mystery resolved

by nepenthe0 In reply to Well Tig I don't know

I thought Boxfiddler was a she but was too shy to inquire. There are subtle differences in style (she can spell, you cannot). Now that I know, I'm going to trust my instincts but still stay politically correct...

Rick/Portland, OR

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The Ratbag Bunch have been highlighted on TR in the TR Spotlight

by OH Smeg In reply to Ah, mystery resolved

Here Rick

The usual suspects have been involved in this and the worst offender HAL 9000 needs to be avoided at all costs.

Boxy has appeared in this as well as Jacqui who confuses a lot of people with his gender as well.

Tig is another one to be careful of as she visited TR Headquarters and ever since staff have been leaving in droves. She insists that it's the current Economic Climate but I know better she scared then all out of the place no matter what she claims. Even the Unflappable Beth Blakely had to leave town ASAP after being exposed to Tig's Humor. :^0

But they are a great bunch and will bend over back wards if you need help, you just have to remember not to get roped into them though or your life will be over and you'll never be recognized by your previous friends ever again. :8}

Col ]:)

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