Sony Vaio- Operating System Not Found

By Jgates88 ·
We were trying to just restore it to factory settings and all that and it was erasing files. Normally all I do is go in hit F8 and then go and select the one with the restore to factory settings and it comes out like it was the first time to turn it on at the store. when it was done it began to boot, got to when you see the microsoft Copyright symbol and its all black withe the little "loading" thing in the midle. the bars go from left to right repeatedly I thought all was good and then it came uip and said Operating System not found. He has the REcovery disks but not the operating system. I can get to to the recovery screen with the cmd prompt and reocvery options adn the memory diagnostics and all that, but only with recovery disc 1 in. Im in Iraq so its kind of hard to really do to much to it and there isnt a public internet, only the work computers and I realy dont want to try and buy a pirated copy from Haji and it not work (plus dont know what extra crap they load onto those.) I talked to the helpdesk we have for our government computers he said that he wasnt allowed to touch personal computers and all he could say from what I tolod him was to reload the OS ( which will take about 2 weeks to get mailed here and the terp needs it ASAP. ) he also said I could try using an old backp and that might work. the help will be greatly appreciated, thanks again, so far anything I ave needed this place has helped with if not given me a new direction to get something completed like this.

PFC Gates
COB Basra

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Reboot with the recovery CD in the drive...

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Sony Vaio- Operating Syst ...

... you should see words on the screen saying "Press any key to boot to CD", so press any key and let it boot. The recovery CD should take over and restore the lappie to factory condition.

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