By sdaverill05 ·
My laptop won't boot up.
It powers up but then doesn't proceed any further.Fans stop and I can't get into the BIOS scrren to check things out. CD drive doesn't work, hard drive doesn't power up.I don't know enough about laptops to properly diagnois this problem.Green light is on showing that laptop is on.Is this a ram issue or a bad motherboard possibly?
Any suggestions?

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It could be piratically anything

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Sony VAIO PCGGRX560

Ranging from a dead CPU to a shot M'Board or anything in between.

About all you can do from this point is to make sure that the Power Really is on and getting where it should be then if you get nothing there become what we used to call A Valve Jockey start replacing things because they are there and can be replaced.

I doubt that it's the RAM as if it was faulty the Screen should still POST and then give a Beep Error Code of no or faulty RAM. With a Dead CPU you will not see anything work and the same applies to a dead M'Board if one or both have died the system will not POST.

As i can not find a Service Manual for this model it's possible that you may have something as simple as a blown fuse but if the fans are starting I would tend to rule this out.

It's also possible that the mains adaptor is faulty and no longer delivering the necessary power so the battery has gone almost completely flat and can no longer start the unit up.


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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Sony VAIO PCGGRX560

its probably your cmos battery needs replacing

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no boot

by caplock In reply to Sony VAIO PCGGRX560

Here are some ideas to trouble shoot. I am assuming from your post that you do not see anything on the screen at post at all?
1) try connecting an external monitor to see if you get any video at all. possible bad LCD?
2) remove the battery and run on a/c power only. I have seen a dead battery cause a no post problem
3) reseat the memory module. no memory no post
4) remove hard drive then see if it will post. again have seen a bad hard drive cause the no post.

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You've just joined an exclusive club

by mxw In reply to Sony VAIO PCGGRX560

85 pages of identical problems in a hardware forum related to the Sony PCG GRX series of laptops (mine included!). Problem is a badly soldered ram chip slot. Pay the $150 and get it fixed by Tom.
Here's the link:

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take it apart and clean it out

by sgt_shultz In reply to Sony VAIO PCGGRX560

maybe overheating? maybe drained battery?
did you try removing the battery for a couple minutes?
does sony publish how to disasemble it? ususally they are not hard just perplexing. sometimes the screws are 'hidden' under a slide off cover above the keyboard. or, who knows?

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by Sharen.Favre In reply to take it apart and clean i ...

Sony's support site implies that the computer can be reset. It starts by stating that the RAM can be removed, replacing only the original chip. It continues by saying that the rest of the story is in the manual ... mine is long gone. Does anyone know how to reset the machine? I have already taken it apart, cleaned it, and reassembled. Lights flash then die and nothing else happens. I'm just about to buy a new machine if I can't get this one working this week.

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by brettandfi In reply to Sony VAIO PCGGRX560

As posted above, this is definitely going to be poorly soldered / lifting pins on the RAM slots on the systemboard. These need to be resoldered and she'll spring back to life. As mentioned in earlier post this is a common fault to the GRX series of laptops.

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