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Sony Vaio VGN-CR507E Optiarc DVD RW 7560A ATA won't work in Windows 7

By ejames6342 ·
I had no problems with the DVD RW on my laptop in Vista, but since upgrading to Windows 7 it won't work. The computer does recognize it though. I installed the old Vista driver and that did not work. Sony does not seem to have an upgrade for this specific driver. Anyone know what I can do to solve this probem? I have an external LG DVD RW and it works fine. Seems to be something in the driver and I've searched and searched and can't find one.

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated.

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Well as they say

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Sony Vaio VGN-CR507E Opti ...

Fools rush in where Angles fear to tread.

Did you first run the Windows 7 Update Compatibility Tool to see if your hardware was supported? It's free from M$ and is a Must Use item before changing an existing OS to a newly released one.

Sony has no requirement to support an OS that they did not supply and as such you are immediately on your own before you even begin.

Now open the Device Manager and see what is listed as a Chip Set Driver. If there is nothing listed you can use Unknown Device Identifier to find out what you actually have

or if there is something listed you can use Belarc Adviser to see what it actually is though this may not be correct in this instance

After you know what your Actual Chip Set for the M'Boards IDE/SATA Controller is you can then Google that Chip Set for 7 Drivers.

While 7 is a development of Vista that doesn't mean that Vista Drivers will actually work on 7 just that they are a similar System. You may also need to find a different Vista Driver if you have the 32 Bit OS Vista Driver and you have installed a 64 Bit Version of 7 or if it is the other way around you have a 32 Bit version of 7 and a 64 Bit version of Vista. Quite often the 32 & 64 Bit Drivers are listed differently.

But here you need the Chip Set Driver for the M'Board not a DVD Driver as the Problem is Windows is not seeing the DVD through the M'Boards Chip Set.


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Yes I Ran Windows 7 Compatability Tool

by ejames6342 In reply to Well as they say

It did not find any problems with my computer running Windows 7.

Yes, you are correct, Sony does not HAVE to provide updated drivers, but they could take a huge lesson from Toshiba on how to support OS upgrades. They provide complete instructions and all necessary updated drivers and they provide support for them.

I use Belarc all of the time simply because of the fact that it shows my all of my registered program serial numbers.

My chipset is the Mobile Intel 976 Express Chipset family.

I have previously been to the Intel website and ran checks for all of my drivers and it found I was up to date on all of them.

The computer is working fine, except for the
Optiarc DVD RW drive. My LG Super-multi external DVD RW drive works fine.

It is the Optiarc drive that needs an updated driver.

Thanks for the info and any more advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Give thanks

by santeewelding In reply to Yes I Ran Windows 7 Compa ...

I ended ponying up ~ $500 for a later MB and an Intel CPU. Now, I have this perfectly good MB with its AMD dual-core CPU sitting on my credenza in plain view of my retrograde, reprobate, and trogdolytic mindset.

I just can't get used to the throwaway society.

And, you -- you only need to throw away -- what? A damned player?

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I happen

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Give thanks

to know someone in need of just such parts...

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Speak, thou

by santeewelding In reply to I happen

To me by back-channel.

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And this is where you are going wrong

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Yes I Ran Windows 7 Compa ...

When you installed 7 it finds most of the required Drivers or at least installs Default Drivers.

If in this case the DVD is invisible to the OS which is running through the Controller on the M'Board it is that Controller Driver that needs updating not the DVD Drive itself. If this system didn't report any errors when you ran the Upgrade Adviser then you have either a bad install which isn't unknown particularly if you didn't do a clean new install of a corrupt Driver.

I'm betting that the latter is the most likely if you installed 7 as per the M$ Destructions though if you just upgraded anything is possible as M$ Upgrades have a well deserved Reputation of not working all that well. Here you may find that if you wiped the drive and installed 7 as a new clean install it would work perfectly.

But none the less what you need here is the Intel 976 Chip Set Driver as that is the problem child here.

The M'Board Controller is not working properly as your DVD Drive is not present. As for the External Drive working this is because it runs through a USB Port no t the On Board Controller that the internal one is working through. If you where to remove the internal drive and replace it with the external one you would still find that the Internal one isn't working but the external one is.

But if this helps Intel doesn't have a 976 Chip Set so you defiantly have a Corrupt/Wrong Driver here.


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