Sony Vaio VGN X505VP

By ammars27 ·
I have a laptop thats been locked out with windows password and administrator password by ex employee can anyone help to reboot? this laptop has no internal cd rom to boot from , we have tried to boot from external usb cd and fire wire but not working? any tips anyone please!!!help!!will it boot from the PCMCIA cd rom?

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Was it part of a domain?

by IC-IT In reply to Sony Vaio VGN X505VP

If so you may be able to connect and then access with a Domain Admin account.
Other than that you could slave the drive, take ownership, recover critical data, and then re-image.

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As they say in Scotland ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Sony Vaio VGN X505VP

The game's a'bogey!

Nae luck eh?

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Check out True Blue's post of 13 May'08

by nepenthe0 In reply to Sony Vaio VGN X505VP

To me, his post was so brilliant that I cannot add anything useful.

Rick/Portland, OR

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It will probably boot from the PCMCIA CD-ROM

by nepenthe0 In reply to Sony Vaio VGN X505VP

My old 2000 vintage Sony notebook came with a PCMCIA CD-ROM, and that was the only way I could reinstall the OS.

Eventually the card slot wiggled loose from the motherboard. My workaround was a large rubber band that maintained an angular force on the PC card. Not exactly high tech, but it worked.

Yes, by all means use the PCMCIA CD-ROM if you have one. The BIOS looks first to the PCMCIA slot for a boot command. I suspect you could configure a workaround using a PC card with a firewire adapter, and booting from a firewire CD-ROM:

This is a Firewire/PCMCIA adapter at, Mod #DLX-181, Item #NB2E16815203002, $55

I have tried booting directly from a firewire CD-ROM using the notebook firewire port, but as you have already learned, this doesn't work.

Rick/Portland, OR

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