sony vaio Wireless Problems SP3 update

By tramoretom ·
Hi All,

I recently updated a sony vaio VGN-S5HP/B to XP Pro SP3 and since then the wireless Lan is not working.

I can connect to the network via Ethernet but when you boot up it does say at first wireless networks detected click here to view available wireless networks.

Then once you click to view the wireless networks available it doesnt show any and when you click view available networks and refresh none appear.

The wireless network is fine as other users and myself are connected to it at this moment.I have also downloaded drivers for all the network devices for this laptop.

Has anyone got any ideas to the solution to this problem?

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Interesting ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to sony vaio Wireless Proble ...

Have you tried connecting this system to any other wireless signal?

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by tramoretom In reply to Interesting ...

yes I have, I have a spare Cisco AP350 and set up a new SSID and every laptop around me could detect this new SSID apart from the laptop in question which still said no networks available. and when rebooted says networks available click here to view but then there are none there????

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This may sound stupid, but are you SURE it's enabled?...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Reply

The 'networks available' notice, can appear sometimes by default (on the assumption that they will be).

You've checked that the wireless is enabled within Control Panel?

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wireless enabled

by tramoretom In reply to This may sound stupid, bu ...

Lol, I'm not that much of a newbie. Everything was good including the wireless zero config service was running and i have now managed to solve the issue.

I had downloaded all the wirelss updates and drivers i could find for the model of the Sony Vaio and these did not solve any problems.

I then downloaded the Intel wi-fi utility and this finds the networks and i can create SSID profiles on this and they all work fine.

Thanks for your replies regarding this issue anyway.


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