sony viao laptop

By roadracer24 ·
after a year of using my sony viao laptop, i can't burn any thing from the cd-rom to a cd..also my task manger is inactivated!!looking for a way out without damaging the cd-rom at the moment

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Have you checked for Spyware?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to sony viao laptop

If not load up the following application Ad aware SE Personal

Spy Bot S&amp

Reboot as required and update the Definitions then reboot into Safe Mode by pressing the F8 key between the POST screen and the Windows Splash screen and when you get the white on black screen scroll up to SAFE MODE and chose that option.

When the system boots run Ad aware and clean out any infections then run again just to make sure that it's actually removed everything and that there was nothing else hiding under the existing pieces of junk that you've picked up along the way.

When this scan comes up clean close off Ad aware and open Spy Bot and run the scan over the system. Spy Bot has the ability to remove software that you may be using so look carefully at everything that it picks up and remove the tick from beside anything that you actually use then clean up the system. Rerun the scan again just to be sure that it has actually removed the infections and that there are no more hiding under the previous infections. Once you get a clean scan or at least clean with only the software that you want installed you can reboot as normal and see if you have cured the problem.

If the CD Rom is still unable to burn disc's you should first try doing a clean install of the OS from the Hidden Partition as per the instruction book and then see if the CD Burner is working. If it is you have cured your problem and if it isn't you need a new CD Burner at 12 months this still should be Under Guarantee but you'll have to look that one up yourself.

Also before you reload the system to As New you'll need to backup all of your current data to some media that you have available because when you perform a clean install you will lose any unsaved data on the HDD.


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