Sony Viao TG32Z troubleshooting question

By chris ·
The following post is long but thorough.

My Viao went dead recently -- crashed directly from XP Pro to a black screen with no messages beforehand. Attempts to power down, then back up were unsuccessful.

I opened the case and found the culprit: The heatsink over the motherboard's video chip had lost its mooring and was hanging there, touching the video card. I successfully put it back in place, but can no longer boot up.

Thinking the video card had been damaged, I replace it. No go.

Pertinent facts:

* The green led on the motherboard is lit when the computer is connect to an AC source.

* The power supply seems to be working -- at least the fan is running when the system is on.

* The blue power light on the front panel is lit when the system is on.

* When powered on, the keyboard's caps lock and scroll lock keys don't work, but the num lock light does turn on when the key is pressed.

* I don't seem to be able to access the system's shared resources via my home network.

Here are the tests I've performed so far:

* Boot with old video card: Powers up; front-panel hard disk access light flashes once on power-up, then stays off; nothing on monitor.

* Boot with new or no video card: Powers up; front-panel hard disk access light remains constantly on; nothing on monitor.

Also, the monitor works fine -- I'm using it right now on another system.

I'm looking for any help determining which part or parts to replace. I have lots of experience at repair on a parts-replacement basis, but I have no diagnosis tools to find out what particular part(s) is failing.

Many thanks in advance!

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Are you sure

by Jacky Howe In reply to Sony Viao TG32Z troublesh ...

that you have the right model number it dosn't show on the Sony sites.

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Model number is actually PCV-RZ32G

by chris In reply to Are you sure

D'OH! My bad.

The back of the case also lists it as model PCV-1122.

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Did you find a solution?

by glafountaine In reply to Model number is actually ...

I have the exact same heat sink problem with the same model VAIO. I was luck enough to see the sink hanging there on one clamp mount. The other had popped off. Mine now works fine with a fan blowing in the side, though I am looking for a real solution...

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No solution yet

by chris In reply to Did you find a solution?

Sorry, to say, but I haven't solved my problem. I was able to superglue the heat sink back into place, and it seems to be holding firmly. Whatever problem it caused by breaking loose, though, still has my system dead.

I've tried replacing the video card (the only card the heat sink could've touched when it came loose), and the power supply, but neither one revived the computer. At this point, I'll probably have to take it to a repair shop and pay a small fortune.

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Might help

by Jacky Howe In reply to Sony Viao TG32Z troublesh ...

Here is a link to Sony Support. You could try their E-Mail link and let them know of the problem and also mention that it has come to your attention that you are not the only one to experience this problem.


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