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Sony's hole keeps getting deeper!

By grbeckmeyer ·
Just saw this news over at
"Open source code found in Sony's CD rootkit"
As the article states, ironic that they trample someone else's IP rights in the attempt to defend their own.

Direct link to the article:

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Sony's hole keeps getting ...

Beautiful, now who's LAME, hope they get their asses sued off.

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Who's LAME? What's LAME is more appropriate.

by stress junkie In reply to ROTFLMAO

As the article says LAME is MP3 software.

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I bet that Thomson Multimedia

by Neil Higgins In reply to Who's LAME? What's LAME i ...

are a bit peeved that Sony never consulted them,before screwing themselves up their own backside.I can see this story rumbling on and on.Self commiting hari kari me-thinks.

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Well a brave

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I bet that Thomson Multim ...

seppuku is started by the candidate making two cuts across the belly. That seem to have managed that part. Now it would be honourable to cut their head off in one clean stoke.

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Why sue LAME?

by shadowpassword In reply to ROTFLMAO

Sony's the one who violated the copyright. LAME should sue Sony.

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Language difficulty ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Why sue LAME?

Sony are now officially lame, they should get their *** sued off for breaching copyright. I thought that was the point of view I was alluding to, I'll use <IRONY> and <SARCASM> tags from now on.

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