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Sophos MailMonitor SMTP

By Choppit ·
I'm currently trying to implement Sophos MailMonitor SMTP without success. For some reason it is unable to relay mail to my Exchange 5.0 (SP2) NT4 server. The Exchange server is an open relay (one of the reasons for implementing MM) and MM has been configured as open to accept connections from all sources (for troubleshooting purposes). MM has been tried on 2 servers including the Exchange server itself. Different incoming ports have been tried and relayed to port 25 on the Exchange box. Mail is received OK when port forwarded directly through the firewall to the Exchange Server or relayed by any other SMTP software. Sophos tech support suggest that its a problem with the Exchange server but I'm somewhat confused as to why the problem only exists with MM. Any ideas?

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by compgirlfhredi In reply to Sophos MailMonitor SMTP

How can I change the SMTP port used by my SMTP mail server or by Microsoft Exchange so I can implement MailMonitor for SMTP?

You will need to edit the services file C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC\SERVICES and find the line:

smtp 25/tcp mail #Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Edit this line, altering the section 25/tcp. Replace the 25 with a port number that is not used on that server. For example:

smtp 24/tcp mail #Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Save the file. Restart the server to implement the new settings.

Check that your mail server is listening on the new port.

With other groupware products, whether both incoming and outgoing mail is scanned will depend on whether there is a separate SMTP server.

MailMonitor for SMTP is only able to forward mail to a single location. If there is an SMTP server in addition to the groupware server, both incoming and outgoing mail will be scanned.

If there is no SMTP server, and you are using your groupware server as an SMTP server, under most circumstances it will not be possible to check outgoing mail. Incoming mail will be checked.

Note: Groupware products such as Notes have an information store - MailMonitor for SMTP is not able to check items placed in this information store from the desktop. Where possible the version of MailMonitor for your specific groupware product should be used.

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by Choppit In reply to

When installed on the Exchange box MM is listening on port 2500 with mail being forwarded to local port 25. When I used the W2K box as a proxy, that listened on port 25 and forwarded to port 25 on the Exchange box. In both cases the pf rules on the firewall were configured to direct mail to the correct host and port.

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by Choppit In reply to Sophos MailMonitor SMTP

Problem solved. Disabled reverse lookup for exchange IMC in registry and now works fine.

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by Choppit In reply to Sophos MailMonitor SMTP

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