sorry guys but how do i find private messages on here

By watugottogothere ·

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Not Simple

by TheChas In reply to sorry guys but how do i f ...

Well, you need to start by finding a post from the peer you wish to contact. That is unless either you have selected the peer as one of your contacts.

Click on the peer's icon. That will take you to the peer's information page. On any of the peer information pages is a link near the upper right that reads "send private message".

Now, the peer may have chosen not to receive private messages, or a limited number of messages each month. Or, like myself they may not respond to a peer mail message from someone they do not know.


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In essence you are looking in the wrong place ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to sorry guys but how do i f ...

If you ever receive a Peermail / Private Message, it will appear in the Inbox of your online email account / offline email client.

As has already been said, some Peers have the Private Messaging switched off, and some won't reply if they don't recognise who you are.

For instance - I would be highly unlikely to respond to any private messages that I got from you, because you don't have Private Messaging switched ON! So if you're not prepared to let anyone contact you, why should anyone reply to any emails that you send them?

Also, you've been a member for 20 months but only started posting on the forums in the last couple of weeks, so I for one don't recognise your 'Alias'.

First thing you ought to do is switch your Private Messaging 'ON' otherwise you'll never receive any private message at all.

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In recognition of receipt of your Peermail ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to sorry guys but how do i f ...

However telling me:

From: watugottogothere@...
Subject: thanky you
that is a good idea to turn them on :0

..won't help you much, when you still haven't turned YOURS on.

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