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Sort A-Z in diff.columns in Excel 2003

By fadbel ·
I have a listing of my library of SF books I keep in Excel. For ease of printing, I divide the items into two columns per page, alphabetically down the first column then up to the second column and down to page 2 where I repeat the sort.
Is there any way I can link the bottom of column 1 on page 1 to column 2 on page 1 and then to column 1 on page 2 and so on? I would like to add new entries to the end of the document and then sort so the new entries are placed in proper sequence.
All this is so that each page retains the proper A-Z relationship with the following column.

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by misscrf In reply to Sort A-Z in diff.columns ...

no it is not possible. You can select a spreadsheet, and then sort ascending (a-z) 1 row, decending(z-a) another row and so on. Just click the square between A and 1. This highlights the whole sheet. Then go to Data/Sort.

You will see what I mean. You can sort ascending on Row A then row b, but not the way you want to. Especially with the sort breaking on the page. If this is what you reallly need, I would look at importing the data to Access and creating a report from there. A lot more that you can do from there.

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by fadbel In reply to

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Thanks for the input. I am aware of the available sort methods. What I'm looking for is the possibility that someone may know of a way to possibly use Visual Basic within Excel to direct the specific linking I'm suggesting.

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by bschaettle In reply to Sort A-Z in diff.columns ...

Print 2 Pages Per Sheet
Since you menioned "pages" I assume you're doing this for printing reasons. If so, just let your printer handle this issue. See if the printer has an advanced option for printing multiple pages on each sheet of paper; if so, you can just select "Print 2 Pages Per Sheet" to get the effect you want.

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by fadbel In reply to

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Sorry but the way I want the list to come out is in newspaper format. i.e. Start at column one to bottom of page and then go to the top of column two and continue. Excel does not support that type nor does the printer print multiple pages in that format.

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by fadbel In reply to Sort A-Z in diff.columns ...

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