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Sorting for multiple data in Excel

By swdrake1 ·
I have a large sheet of mailing data for doing a mail merge (>17,000 lines) but I would like to sort these many lines to show me only 125 zip codes among all the lines of data and zip codes. Each line of data has a column with it's zip code but I only need at this time 125 of the many more zip codes in the sheet. Is there a way to sort them to the top of the list? Or in some way "mark" them so I know which ones I want?

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by chitosunday In reply to Sorting for multiple data ...

You can use data sort but before you do this, you need to fill up the empty cells with the data on top. click any cell in the area you want to sort. Then click the edit menu goto special blank. in the top blank for example you have a data in cell a1 and a blank cell below , in cell a2 type the formula =a1 then press ctrl enter . It will fill in all empty cells with the data on top which is not empty. Then you can sort it now

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by bschaettle In reply to Sorting for multiple data ...

You can use the MATCH function to create a sorting column.

[1] in your spreadsheet, create a new worksheet
[2] on the new worksheet, enter your 125 "special" ZIP codes in Column A.
[3] Create a named range:
[3.1] select Column A and click on Insert+Name+Define
[3.2] On the dialog box that pops up, type in SpecialZIPs, then click on OK.
[4] go back to the original worksheet
[5] in an empty cell in Row 1, enter this formula:
>> this assumes that the ZIP code is in column "F"...adjust as needed.
[6] copy the formula down the entire column

Now you'll see that the cells in this column display either a number or "#N/A". If you sort on this column, the rows that have your 125 "special" ZIP codes will be at the top. To make other ZIP codes sort to the top, just change the ZIP code list you created on the new worksheet, and re-sort the data.

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by swdrake1 In reply to

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by swdrake1 In reply to Sorting for multiple data ...

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