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SOS to ALL,,,Interet Explorer Hijacked_RES://

By trippleottt ·
Hello to all...Does anyone recognize this one RES://wgqo.dll/index.html#377944/ ?I am at a loss for more things to try/fix this guys prob.Mozilla works good like always,but IE is a different story.Get online, pull up IE and you get a variety of web pages,mostly a HomeEShopper page and the thing that works is the links listed on that web page.Saved favorites and even the address bar/window does`nt work,not a chance.Try typing in an address,nope,no typing allowed,nothing.The right mouseclick even quits working.REALLY WEIRED > No matter what I do to remove this thing so IE will opperate like it should.After a fix or removall,run a full search/all files and folders,not found,"OK" bring up explorer and it comes right back. > I`ve did everything I can think of,like set IE home page to USE BLANK,manually removed it from system registry,ran Adaware,Spybot,PCcillon etc,even tried using online virus scans,no virus file found.Go looking for info about this at MSN,Windows,about,ask Jeevs,google and so on,nothing found there. I am totally out of ideas guys. > So here I am again seeking out the help and advice from the biggest resource of PCtech Wizards,,,all of you...Thank You...Dan

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by zaferus In reply to SOS to ALL,,,Interet Expl ...

What you need to do is download "Hijack This".

It will let you go through your startup settings and look for anything out of the ordinary. This is better than adaware for exploits and viruses too new to have a heuristic pattern update available.

When you run it the first time you may also find a lot of junk that is just cluttering your system as well - just be careful you don't "kill" valid processes or applications.

Of course, back up first - and if your unsure of a process Googling it normally tells you what it is and what it does.

Good luck!


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by trippleottt In reply to

tried Hijackthis,didn`t work it came right back.Good try though,thanks Poster rated this answer.

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by dmiles In reply to SOS to ALL,,,Interet Expl ...

Turn off system restore if it is used in your os.

Download, update, and run the following.

Your Antivirus Software



Look for the file in English CWShredder.exe

Hijack This:

Hijack This is useful in that it shows what is currently loading on startup. You must know what is good and what is bad. Once you check it and fix it is gone. So be sure.

Run Your Antivirus again

I have had to boot into safe mode and run these.

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