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    Sound Card


    by grosseholz ·

    Ihave found in two instances that a message came up that sound card is being used by another device. This has happened after an attempted sofware install. Ocurred on two different machines, one ran 95 with Isa s\card, the other Win98 with built in card.
    Tried re-installing sound files, no good.
    The Windows software seems to be trying to play the card with two types of files.

    Anyone who has had this problem and overcome it without full re-install.????
    Aloso tried installing and unistallingoffending software.
    In win95 it was cable modem support software.
    In Win98 it was a Tv card.

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      Sound Card

      by dmiles ·

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      Any sound schemes that you have running in the background will conflict with what you are trying to install if is using shared .dll files
      Install the sound files in MSDOS mode,Try Device manager to see if the card is having conflicts and to update the drivers for card.

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      Sound Card

      by calves ·

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      It’s hard to guess, but I think your sound card might be installed twice in the machine.
      Go to Control panel, system, delete everything under multimedia and everything under unkown devices. Reboot the machine, if I am right, the system willre-install it only once this time and it will work properly. Also, look for the latest drivers at the mfrs site.

      Good Luck!

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