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Sound Card Identification.

By jb_garcia ·
I recently purchased a headset with microphone attached to it. I had installed it and the micropone does not work. I found out that the microphone needs some type power (ex. battery). I purchased a powered mic from Radio Shack and it works fine.My question is that, how do I know from one sound card to another if it needs a powered microphone. I will be sending headsets to customers and I need to know if they need a powered microphone. Thanks.

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Sound Card Identification.

by shiny_topadm In reply to Sound Card Identification ...

Hi, I could be wrong, but I think the microphone power question is a function of the "mike" and not the sound card. The nicest sounding small microphones usually are of the "electret condensor" type and they need a small battery. The typical microphone input on a sound card is "signal" only and supplies no power, so if the microphone needs it you're stuck using a battery or external preamp/power (like on some telephone units. I hope this helps....Will

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Sound Card Identification.

by jb_garcia In reply to Sound Card Identification ...

Hi Will,
Thanks for the reply. Well the microphone that I used was working ok with my desktop computer. Only when I used it on my IBM 600e that has a microphone built into it that the mic did not work. So I then purchased a powered mic and it work fine. I hope this gives you a better understanding of my problem. Thanks Again....JB

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