sound distorts when playing a CD only, whats the cause?

By NS Designs ·
i cna play a movie via a flash drive, on the hard drive, or with a seperate cd player. but when using the actually built in CD player, the sound distorts. what is the cause of this, ive tried configuring settings, ive tried using VLC instead of wmp. and still have the distort but only with the laptops cd player. i have an acer travelmate 4230. any comments are welcomp please.

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CD ROMs have separate audio cable

by netwrk_admn In reply to sound distorts when playi ...

Most CDROMs have a built in audio cable as well as the data portion. It is simply reading the file and the audio part is going through the separate cable onto another part of your motherboard.

To get around this, try 'ripping', or copying, the data portion of the CD onto your computer and watching/listening to it as a file on your desktop/folder.

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could be?

by rbtechguy In reply to CD ROMs have separate aud ...

An acceleration issue as well?

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Could be also

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to CD ROMs have separate aud ...

Mixer Settings in the software.


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ive tried

by NS Designs In reply to Could be also

i tried the first solution, does exactly that, prob is the client wants it to play for CDs not just the HDD. i deleted a filter setting in the reg, and i tried tweaking with the settings of the software, the acceleration problem, thought so awell but that does not seem to be the problem, maybe a problem that only acer can fix?

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