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Hello friends
I have just installed windows xp on a system , every thing went fine except there is no sound. I tried realtek AC97 driver but no good.The system doesnt tell the manufacturers name and the motherboard type. Its an assembled system. I tried bellarc but couldnt find the manufacturers name. There was no cd with the system. So i have no idea which driver to install. I thought xp has all the drivers inbuilt.
Bless u all

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If Belarc didn't work, try SIW ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to sound driver

Perhaps you'll have more luck finding what you system is made of with SIW.

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System Manufacture

by TheChas In reply to sound driver

Programs like Belarc Advisor do not get the hardware information directly from the hardware, they get it from the registry keys that enumerate the installed drivers.

If this is a built up system, you should be able to download the driver from the manufactures web site.

Another option if the sound is built into the motherboard is to enter BIOS setup and see what it says about the sound.

You can also use the BIOS string (a series of letters and numbers at the bottom of the screen that are present when the memory is being tested) to identify who made the motherboard.

Sites like can decode the BIOS string for you.


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XP only has the drivers that are the default available

by OH Smeg In reply to sound driver

If you have a System Makers CD you get s Slipstreamed Restore Disc which only has the drivers for the Hardware that it was made to suit.

So as XP doesn't have a complete Set of Drivers for all possible Hardware Available you need to look at the actual Hardware that you have.

By Default Sound Blaster Sound should work with a M$ Branded XP Install Disc though all the necessary Drivers/Software may not be present. AC 97 or Realtech has never supplied Drivers to M$ for Digital Signing and I have had problems in the past with Realtech Sound after reinstalling XP. If you apply the drivers straight away after installing Windows they work OK but if you first Patch Windows AC 97 Drivers and Software can fail to Install and see the Hardware that they support.

If you can list the Makers Name & Model of Computer we can advise you of the correct Drivers/Software that you require but you basically only have Realtech or Creative Sound Blaster to deal with and Sound Blaster have several Different Driver/Software Sets available where as Realtech only has the 1.


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Check this site out for your sound drivers...
If one does not work then pick another one until one works. :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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