Sound Issue

By frawser7917 ·
I couldn't find USB 3D sound pd552 driver support for vista. This device is not working after a single restart. I had replaced this device thrice but no use. I had checked in xp as well but it is not working after a single restart. I thought it is plug and play but when I searched I could find drivers for this device which supports XP. I had opted for this USB device as the audio jack in my desktop delivers sound to one speaker and not both. Can any one help to find drivers for the above USB model or help me in getting sound from both the speakers using the normal audio jack at the rear of the desktop?????.

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Clarification needed

by Slayer_ In reply to Sound Issue

Are you running Vista or XP?
Is this a physical sound card on onboard audio?

I have never heard of USB sound, what is it a USB key with a speaker on it?

Oh wait, I think I get it, you got some USB sound card thingy because your primary sound is only giving you a single channel.

Personally i would have tried to fix the broken sound rather than getting some USB sound thingy.

Anyways, when you bought this USB sound thingy, did it not come with a driver disc?

Have you tried googling the name of the USB thingy for drivers, a good search phrase would be something like
"USB Audio Thingy Driver download" (replace "thingy" with whatever it actually is)

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by frawser7917 In reply to Clarification needed


check the above link to clarify

Iam running Vista Ultimate edition SP2 RC.
I had also tried this device in Xp. No use. It doesn't come with a driver. It was mention ed plug and play in the pack.

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Driver download

by Jacky Howe In reply to Sound Issue


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Sound Issue

by frawser7917 In reply to Driver download

tried installing but no use. it is showing that it doesn't support the platform (i.e.Vista)

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Try installing

by Jacky Howe In reply to Sound Issue

in compatability mode.

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Compatibility mode

by frawser7917 In reply to Try installing

wat s that. where should i go and check the compatibility mode is vista.

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Right click

by Jacky Howe In reply to Compatibility mode

on the install file and select properties. Then select Compatability and select the lowest Operating System. If it doesn't work try another set of speakers or you will have to put up with only one speaker.

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Sound is only coming out of one speaker or just the front speakers

by Jacky Howe In reply to Driver download

Check the speakers to make sure they are turned on and have power. A red or green LED should be lit on the front of the controlling speaker. Regardless if the light is on or not, disconnect the speaker power adapter from the wall outlet or surge protector for 1 minute, and then plug it back in. If no power is received, then try a different wall jack. If you have power, test for sound

Make sure the cables between the speakers or from the speaker to the subwoofer are connected correctly and fully seated into the back of the speaker that is not working (some click twice before they are all the way in). Also, make sure that the analog or digital speaker is connected to the same type of analog or digital connection on the sound card.

Try playing other sounds, such as Windows sounds, music files, or an audio CD. Does the sound difficulty occur in more than one program? If not, check the program options for any sound-related settings, such as volume and audio card selection.

Make sure the Mixer Control volumes are set to 3/4 volume and are not muted. Analog or digital can be set in the Mixer Controls, depending on the type of sound card and speakers used.

Connect a set of headphones to the analog output of the sound card to ensure the sound card is working properly (typically the green audio jack). This only works if your sound card is in analog mode.

Connect the speakers to a portable CD player or radio that has the same type of connection that the speakers use. This will test if the speakers are working properly.

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The build date of this driver is : 12/16/2003 !!...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Sound Issue

So I doubt if many people, including the majority of Microsoft, had any idea of Vista at all way back in December of 2003.

Had you read the Version_Information.txt file that comes with this PD552 driver, you might have realised that this horse wasn't gonna run.

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It also looks a bit like this ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to The build date of this dr ...


The only reference I can find for the PD552 is an internal serial # for the device of:


This, in turn, took me to another site called SoundProfessionals.com, this time based in the USA rather than China.


I fear it is a bit long in the tooth to be compatible with Vista, and is uncannily similar to the above product which is anything BUT a 3D sound outlet.

Particularly if one of the two jack sockets is still for a microphone.

Plus - soundprofessionals.com sets alarms ringing on my system. Apparently it has a reputation for SCAMS (perhaps just like its Chinese cousins).

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