Sound issue

By luv2bike2 ·
one of my users has an IBM ThinkCentre, Windows XP, SP3.

There is no sound coming out of the computer, no sound coming out of the speakers that are plugged into the computer, tried a different set of speakers--no sound either. The Windows music that plays when you log into the Windows does not even play.

control panel--sound and audio settings---mute is not checked, sound playback and recording are set to the SoundMax Intergrated Digital Audio (which is intergrated on the motherboard), tried to play different sounds from the sound tab and no sound is played.

uninstalled through Add and Remove programs, reinstalled the current SoundMax driver that i downloaded from the internet, received an error message that the installation failed, however no clue as to why it failed. SoundMax is listed in Device Manager.

In BIOS, disable the audio, reboot, loaded windows, rebooted, enable the audio, loaded windows--- no sound,

went to Kellys-Korner and performed the suggestions from that webpage for Where did my sound go to? and still no sound.

Device manager says that the SoundMax is working properly.

installed TweakUI - beep on errors is checked off.

I really don't want to reinstall Windows XP on this system, we just got it all set with ADP Payroll. sound was working before and after ADP Payroll applications were installed. so ADP Payroll should not have anything to do with the fact that the sound is gone.

the anti-virus software runs every night and it does not come up with any virus/malware.
I ran Malwarebytes and no threats were found.

Does anyone have any other suggestions i can try?

Thanks a bunch!

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RE: I really don't want to reinstall Windows XP on this system

by OH Smeg In reply to Sound issue

Sorry but here I think that it will be necessary.

The Sound Device here is not Digitally Signed so once the System has been connected to the Windows Update Servers the first download of the 2 Files that allow you to actually log onto the Windows Update Servers prevent any Unsigned Drivers being installed. You need to install the sound before you connect tot he Net and visit the Windows Update Servers.

What I would imagine originally happened here is that something installed altered the Sound Device in the Sound & Audio under the Audio Tab from the Sound Max to something else in the Sound Playback section of that Window which isn't supported by the hardware. I have seen this quite often recently.


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I've seen this same thing happen once...

by Dedlbug In reply to RE: [i]I really don't wan ...

Oh Smeg, you nailed it...I've seen this happen once, and couldn't fix it. Took me forever to figure out it was an unsigned driver. However, I just installed a new sound card and disabled the onboard audio. Of course, be sure the sound card has signed drivers. =]

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Sound Blaster are not a problem

by OH Smeg In reply to I've seen this same thing ...

It's just any Sound Card with a Realtech Chip Set.

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if i have to reinstall XP

by luv2bike2 In reply to RE: [i]I really don't wan ...

than I will. it will just be a big pain in the butt since ADP Payroll is a PAIN in the butt to get all configured.

Thanks OH Smeg, you have helped me in many situations and I really appreciate it!

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other option

by shasca In reply to :( if i have to reinstal ...

You could put in another sound card and see. Not the right way but could be the easy way in this instance. You could then rebuild later at a amore convenient time.

(Is there ever really such a time??)

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If they where to use a Sound Blaster Sound Card

by OH Smeg In reply to other option

There wouldn't be any issues with getting the sound working. Well of course they would have to disable the On Board Sound in BIOS but that's not all that difficult.


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Windows XP Driver Signing

by 1bn0 In reply to Sound issue

Maybe this would help?

Disable Signed driver requirement in XP.

I have a couple of machines (ThinKCenters) this has happend to as weoll.

Never resolved it as company policy used to be to disable the sound any way.

Policy has been dropped as many user are accessing online tutorials and mulit media instruction al cd/dvd's.

I will have to check this out and see if it lets re-enable the sound on these machines.

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