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    sound issues


    by lonna_74 ·

    I just reformatted my win98se machine, since then i’ve tried to find the sound drivers but am unable to do so and the speaker icon no longer appears in the system tray. Not quite sure what to do.

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      by thechas ·

      In reply to sound issues

      You need to identify the sound card or chip on your PC.

      If this is a name brand PC, you should be able to download the drivers from the PC manufacture.

      Otherwise, the best thing to do, is open the box and see what sound card you have.
      (Follow anti-static handling procedures when removing boards from your PC.)
      (Also, switch off or un-plug the power supply.)

      If you have a plug-in sound card, there should be a manufactures name and model number on the card.
      If not, look at the largest IC on the card. That is the sound processor.
      Copy down the make and model of the sound IC.

      If you have on-board audio, the best source for a driver is the motherboard manufacture.
      To identify who made your motherboard, use the tools at either

      Once you have the sound card or processor identified, you can use the search tools at to find links to the manufactures driver page.

      For W98, I recommend that you install the chip-set drivers for the motherboard before attempting to install the sound driver.


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