sound low on pc speakers at full volume

By paulhay1 ·

I have windows Xp with a built in soundcard on my motherboard until recently my sound from speakers was fine. But now the sound is much lower with my speakers turned to full it sounds very low. I have checked sound on control panel and all turned up full. Also volume slider full on windows media.

I have tried 2 different sets of speakers and 2 different conecting leads and have same problem with both.

Can anyone help.



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If you have cheap speakers then the speakers could be on the way out.

Cheap speakers will not have the ability to last very long with the sound coming at them at full volume. You will need to invest some money in decent speakers that will have the ability to accept somewhere in the range of 60/100 or 130db, with this range (you will not need to put the sound up full on these), your speakers will be able to accept the full sound from your system, but make sure that the speakers are self powered or are powered from a box other than direct from the motherboard to speaker. Hope this helps you out.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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A few thoughts on the matter ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to sound low on pc speakers ...

#1 Try using a pair of headphones, plugged in where the speaker feed would be. If the sound is loud on the headphones - the speakers are naff. If the sound is low on the headphones a] something else is causing the reduced volume or b] you've been plugging your speakers into the microphone socket. The speaker and microphone sockets DO tend to be sited right next to each other!

#2 Check with the speakers again, plugging them into another socket PREFERABLY with the speakers volume turned down. If you have been using the wrong socket (easily done) when you plug them into the correct socket, self-powered speakers turned up full, can be destroyed in microseconds.

#3 Check on your Systray for an icon related to any 3rd-party sound modules. Each of my systems has a 3rd-party 'equalizer/sound effects' module (with corresponding systray icon - if shown) which can independently interfere with among other things, VOLUME.

If it's not showing in the Systray, check in Control Panel for an icon bearing the legend of your on-board soundchip.

Still no joy? Check within 'Sound, Video & Game Controllers' inside Device Manager. You will find any 3rd-party device drivers listed within this category.


My bet is you've plugged the speaker cable into the microphone port. I've done it once (or twice)!


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