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Sound problem

By candisbear ·
I have a Compaq Armada laptop 1750 with win 2000 professional...

When it boots up all during booting and when it is finished booting the speakers sound very static to crackling it does this when you also play a CD...and on external speakers when it is laying down not being touched there is a slight crackling static noise and a humming noise and when playing a CD ...if you tilt up the front of the laptop about 10 degrees the noise stops...I did check the speaker connection at the MB and it is tight.... my only other guess is a verey loose wire at the speakers but that doen't explain why it does it when you plug in a external speaker at the headphone jack...
I am thinking this has a buit in sound card on the MB so what could be causing this noise..
Another thing when it is on and justsitting there...there is a slight humming noise and if you touch a key you get a load squalching noise ...both of theses also go away if you tilt thefront up about 10 degrees when the unit is tilted and you touch the keyboard keys you get a ding on certain keys but not all of them.
Any clues out there as to what is going on

One thing there are no programs installed yet other than the few basic ones that come along with Win 2000 prof.


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Sound problem

by Ann777 In reply to Sound problem

Is this a new computer? Old computer newly purchased?

If this were my computer, I'd replace the systemboard. Sounds as if there's interference and possibly a lack of proper gounding (broken wire inside?) with the squalching noise. The fact that you tilt the system and you have a different experience may mean that there's a hairline fracture in the systemboard .... maybe near the sound/speaker area.

Humming noise can be caused by the speakers volumn turned up to the top and the slightstatic sounds too. Be aware that some of this is going to be "normal," as a laptop's speakers/sound capabilities are nowhere near the same quality as you'd get from a desktop system.

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