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Sound Problem

By sjingram ·
My grandson's computer ( a Patriot) has no sound what-so-ever. The sound was working but it just stopped. No sound from the cd rom & no sound from any other source either. It runs Windows 98 SE. I was going to try to reinstall the windows but when Iput the Win98 cd in & tried to run it , an error message came up stating it could not install because of some virus protection software. Well there is no virus protection software on it because he does not access the internet.
So the computer still has no sound & I've already checked all the normal processes to make sure everything was working properly & turned on like it should be.

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Sound Problem

by fjavier19 In reply to Sound Problem

Fist any computer can get a virus even if they are not on the net. This is caused by people uploading any data that is infected, i.e. floppy disk and burned CD.

As for you computer not having sound Windows 98 will sometime lose drivers and they will have to be reinstalled. Go to the control panel and check to see if the sound card drivers are still installed. If not you would have to reinstall the drivers. First determine if the sound card is part of the motherboard or if you have a separete sound installed. If the motherboard has the sound card incorperated to it then you need to open up your computer and determine what type of desktop product i.e.(Intel? AL440LX motherboard) this can be determined when you first turn on you computer press escape and shortly after words the motherboard information should be displayed very quick so you would have to press the Pause/Break button to freeze the screen. Or you can that information from the motherboard itself. Once you gotten that information just go to the net and download the driver and reinstall the sound drivers. Same goes with the detachable sound card. If your sound card is detachable it could be bad and may need be replaced.

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Sound Problem

by sjingram In reply to Sound Problem

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Sound Problem

by TheChas In reply to Sound Problem

As to the virus warning.
I suspect that this is the virus warning from the BIOS.
You need to go into setup during system boot to disable the BIOS virus warning.

As to the sound problem;
First check device manager to assure that the drivers areinstalled, there are no conflicts, and the sound card is working as far as Windows is concerned.
Second, check the mixer settings. If the volume is low, or some inputs are disabled or muted, that could be the cause.

Then go to sounds, attempt to play a system sound. If the sound locks up, or you get an error message, you have a software conflict.
Some other software has locked onto the sound card.
I can't specifically tell you what to look for. Common suspects are DOS based games that improperly set up the sound control. Also some MIDI players lock things up.

Lastly, try to see if the card manufacture has updated drivers. This often clears up strange problems.

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