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    Sound problem withXP Home


    by ebraunfeld ·

    I do not hear the sounds of Windows logging on or logging off, the Outlook Express incoming mail sounds, my Sony Clie sync completed sounds, etc. I do hear my Quicken sounds and music, etc. Also, I used PC Doc to check and everything seems ok including the device drivers. I reinstalled the sound drivers but nothing seems to help. I clean antispyware at least once daily and use NAV to scan daily and defrag daily. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

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      Reply To: Sound problem withXP Home

      by ccthompson ·

      In reply to Sound problem withXP Home

      Not sure if this will solve the problem, but its a good place to check.

      Go into control panel, sounds and audio devices, click on the sounds tab up top, then scroll down and you will see “Windows Log on” and “Windows Log Off”.

      Check to see that these sounds are mapped to anything. If they are, try to map them to another sound and test to see if they work.

      Hope this Helps!

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      Reply To: Sound problem withXP Home

      by blackcurrant ·

      In reply to Sound problem withXP Home


      First of all reboot your computer and enter the BIOS. Check the sound option is enabled. If not, enable it save and reboot.

      If your problem persists then open Control Panel, and check the sound settings. Make sure that the volume control is up high enough, and also make sure none of the sound sources are muted.

      Finally, make sure any volume controls are set properly.

      If you are using an onboard sound device this will probably sort it out. If you are using a sound card I would make sure you check with the manufacturer’s web site to ensure you have the latest driver for your OS.

      Good luck

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