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sound problems

By phineasjwhoopee ·
I had bought my PC back when Win98 was in full bloom. It came with an on board Sound Blaster PCI64 audio device. Now, I just updated with XP Pro and just found out that XP does not support that device. I purchased a Seal 6.1 channel sound card (don't ask me why). I installed it, disabled the malfunctioning onboard device in the BIOS and no sound. Microsoft even installed their (Seal's) drivers without me even running the disc that came with the card. I ran the disc just to make sure that it wasn't MS's drivers causing the problem. Everything was telling me that the device was working properly. Then I found out the hard way that Seal's support center is non-existent. Now, I just aquired a used SB PCI128. I was shown that it works. I did the same thing as I did with the Seal card and with the same result I've gotten before. I downloaded new drivers. Even tried the putting the card in the other slots on the board. There too, I was getting messages that the device was working properly but no sound. And of course, I had the speaker plug in the right jack. Power light is on. I tried different mp3 players (QCD, WMP), too. I'm at a loss here. I hope I explained everything pretty clearly. Please help. Thanks.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to sound problems

Well firstly it sounds like some other Hardware problem something that is incompatible with XP in your System as a Sound Blaster PCI 128 should be Auto Installed by XP.

There used to be a Hardware Compatibility Tester available from MS to test your hardware to see if it would work with XP. While it wasn't perfect it did at the very least give you a guide as to any potential problems.

You'll need to list the Specs of your system for more information.


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by phineasjwhoopee In reply to

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by phineasjwhoopee In reply to sound problems

My PC specs are
450 MHz (Intel)
nVidia GeForce2MX/MX 400

I apologize for not stating clearly but MS did auto install the PCI128. I downloaded the drivers in hopes that it would solve the problem. Which it did not. Let me know if you need more info.

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by dmiles In reply to sound problems

Trouble shoot the sound problem by opening Device Manager and checking for yellow exclamation marks by any hardware that is listed,theeir could be IRQ conflict with other hardware

Insert the card in slot and using the cd that came ith sound card,start setup select the option to select manufacturer from list,you then will proceed to manually install the sound card,load the driver on the disc,load the drivers on floppy disc,then you can update the drivers from floppy.
Click on the speaker in the tray if visible,now check that mute is not checked in box
Hope this Helps

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by rickrbyrne In reply to sound problems

I agree with Dmiles and the IRQ@ conflict

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by willcomp In reply to sound problems

Firstly, XP is compatible with your on-board sound (probably ES1371 or ES1373 chip).

Have you verified that speakers work by connecting to another PC, an MP3 player, or any other device that accepts a 1/8" audio plug?

Open Device Manager and select Resources by Connection under View. Check for IRQ duplication. Add info that you find out in a comment to your question.


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