sound problems related w/ IE

By mihu.robert ·
Hello every body

Plese help me if you can with this problem:

the sound on my computer will never work with programs which rely on internet(yahoo mess, skype, any movies/music on different websites); otherwise, with music or movies on local hardrives, everything is fine.

No problems listed in device manager, no probles found with dxdiag tests

I have a desktop PC with an Asus P5KPLE MB with the sound card on board.

I didn't reinstall windows because I think it can be fixed easier...however I don't know what to look for

Any idees, anybody?!
10x, so much for your help

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3 suggestions

by seanferd In reply to sound problems related w/ ...

Internet options > advanced tab > play sounds in web pages.

Double-click volume icon, make sure the volume is loud enough for all playback devices.

Repair IE: Add or Remove Programs > select IE > change or remove > repair.

You aren't using a beta version, are you?

Were there any changes made before sound stopped working?

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still no sound

by mihu.robert In reply to 3 suggestions

10x seanferd, I had already tried all those things you mentioned, however I still can't get any sounds on webpages or w/ chatting software;

I think reinstalling windows will be the solution...but I just don't have the the mood to get to it

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You still haven't answered seanferd's question though...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to still no sound

Did you EVER have any sound in the above problem circumstances, before you 'lost' it ?

Because if you've NEVER had any sound capability while online, that would suggest an initial installation problem rather than something that's broken.

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The sound used to be fine!!

by mihu.robert In reply to You still haven't answere ...

I used to have NO PROBLEM with sounds on web pages. The current status appeared all of a sudden, no updates or changes to system configureation were attempted, no new software has been installed.

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