Sound Problems

By VAR1016 ·
Hello all.

As of today, I no longer have sound when playing a Youtube video - and other online things that contain sounds such as music playlists.

The sound is fine for WAV sounds. I have tried system restore with no effect. I also updated the Realtek audio driver again no effect.

System details:

Homebuilt PC
Gigabyte M/Board M55+
AMD 5600+ processor,
4GB ram;
XP Pro SP3

I have had this problem before, on another PC that was running Vista; with that one restarting the computer cured the problem until the next time, but it always came back.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions...


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re-install codecs

by jck In reply to Sound Problems

I would say it might be your sound codecs are corrupt. you might try re-loading/updating them.

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by VAR1016 In reply to re-install codecs

Thanks for that; I Googled audio codecs, and on a site called "codecs.com" there are four pages of files.

How do I choose?


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Download the XP Codec Pack from here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thanks
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by VAR1016 In reply to Download the XP Codec Pac ...


Thanks for the link, I have installed the codecs - BUT - today, all was fine! I cannot understand why this might be - after all I tried shutting down and restarting yesterday, three times, with no effect.

Very strange.

Best wishes,

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Any chance

by IC-IT In reply to Sound Problems

That someone (or a rogue program) is messing with you? Verify your Volume Control settings, they may have unchecked all but the Wave.

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by VAR1016 In reply to Any chance

Hello and thanks for your response.

As I wrote above, I found this morning that all was OK; very strange. If it plays up again, I shall certainly try your suggestion.

Best wishes

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by VAR1016 In reply to try this link

Thanks for this link - I have bookmarked it should the problem appear again.


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by VAR1016 In reply to Sound Problems

As I wrote, the problem seemed to have gone; I have installed the codecs.

However, it returned but restarting would cure it.

This morning however, I had no sounds at all - nothing. Volume controls OK. Restarting had no effect.

System Restore - just back to yesterday - has fixed it. Now all was working last night when I shut down; what could have happened when the computer was off?

NB I have been running Ad-Aware and Spybot; I have Avast anti-virus protection.


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as you are using Realtek

by .Martin. In reply to Worse

it is most likely the incompatibility between a recent windows update and the sound driver.

this incompatibility does some strange things :)

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