soundcard: audio in to audio out

By chuck0 ·
With the standard soundcard, is there any way to send the audio input directly to the audio output? I want to avoid the ADC and DAC functions if possible.

My developement machine has a Via on-the-motherboard VT8235CE chip. But the target machine will probably have an unknown but standard soundcard.

My explorations so far have been in a variety of MS tools and techniques: MCI, MMC, Direct, various SDKs, etc, But I've found nothing that allows what I want as part of a project for my church. There's probably a way to set the soundcard to do what I want.

I'm sing Windows 2000, etc. at the latest levels.

Any ideas? Is it possible? How?

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by TheChas In reply to soundcard: audio in to au ...

If you want to avoid a DAC to ADC conversion, you need to transmit the audio in digital format as a data stream.

Many sound cards such as the Turtle Beach Riviera have S/PDIF connections. These can handle a variety of data transfer tasks.

You could also set up a master computer as a web server for a local Intranet and stream the audio over a network connection.


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Missing the point?

by ozi Eagle In reply to soundcard: audio in to au ...


Maybe I'm missing the point, but I would think the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to do this is to unplug both the audio in and audio out and then use a plug to plug adaptor to join them together. You don't even need the notebook.


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More detail, of course

by chuck0 In reply to Missing the point?

I didn't give enough information.

The project include a merger and control of internet audio datastreams and local content.

The aim is to time-slice in large chunks. The internet stuff most of the time, with local content from the church's PA system. Also to include messages such as source identification and church 'advertising'.

The goal is to produce the "merged" string in the output jack of the sound card, which then feeds a legal, low-power, short-range FM transmitter. The transmitter is up and local-casting the church's worship services.

To expand usefulness, I wish to add the audio streams from radio/internet stations operated by our national church organization.

The idea would have a computer running the whole thing, independent of the human interaction. I have written the VB program and so far it controls the internet streaming and local messages, but not yet the audio feed from the PA system. I'm working on the PA connection, and that's the point of the question.

I'm also considering the idea of externally - outside the PC, using a relay switch - doing the equivalent of what you suggested I do manually. But I'd rather do it in the sound card, if possible.

Thanks for any further ideas.

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Wrapping Sources

by TheChas In reply to More detail, of course

Many sound cards, and on-board sound in particular will not allow you to wrap the line or mic in directly to the line out port.

You need a sound card with full duplex operation, and a good mixer function to do this.

For that matter, since you are interfacing to a PA system, it might be best to use an outboard mixer to merge the streamed content with the local content.


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