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    Hey, so I currently have a method of downloading songs off SoundCloud in 256 AAC .m4a, which is very good quality, but songs uploaded in mp3 still download in 128 .mp3. Which is ****.
    There used to be a method, where you could rip the file uploaded to soundcloud the “Og File”. This is the file that the artist uploaded to soundcloud so the highest possible quality.
    If any of you know how to get the “og file” please let me know….
    Don’t link me to any soundcloud downloaders that say they download in 320…. cause its just upscaled, I have used spectral analysis tools.

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      I’ve yet to find anyone help in such efforts.

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      But let’s say you want to download this or that. Why not get the CD or download from Apple, Amazon or such? You really want the good stuff so I will assume you want the artists and industry to be paid and are not pirating.

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