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source code for email client check?

By meanie98 ·
Is there a source code to check if end user's email client can receive html emails? if so, where would I be able to find that?

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source code for email client check?

by wls In reply to source code for email cli ...

eMail doesn't work in a transactional way, that is, you don't open up a connection, ask capabilities about the receiver, and then start pumping data -- at least not in the way you're describing.

Instead, your HTML email is composed and wrapped inMIME formatting which helps to make the content data-neutral for transport. You then toss the resulting email to the wind.

Most of the time, this goes to the end user's machine directly. However, that's not always the case. Sometimes you'll gothrough several mail relays.

Eventually, if it lands on the end user's machine, it's up to which ever client they are using to decode the message formats. For instance, if they use a readmsg command, all they'll see is the MIME encoding. If they use pine, they may or may not see a text-version of the HTML, if they use Outlook, then there's a high possiblity they will see HTML as you want it rendered.

Thus, you can't predict which mail client they'll use to access their mailbox, and therefore you can't see if they can "receive" HTML emails.

What you _can_ do is send text *and* HTML in one email, and their client software will choose their personal preference. Keep in mind that this also [more than] doubles the size of the email.

My personal preference is always text because it is smaller and faster to download. Nothing is worse than getting a 20K message that contains gobs of HTML to render what can be said in a small message.

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