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SOX Panic

By secure_lockdown ·
today around 4:30pmish i got 3 different manglers and c-level execs call me and leave a message asking questions about SOX. someone was let go last week. did they squeal on us?

can i call and find out?

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Could be

by Oz_Media In reply to SOX Panic

Sounds like there's something going down. Obviously you can't offer more details as to the actual messages or intent of them so it's hard to say really.

Either that or they have some legal issues regarding SOX compliance and are trying to get answers.

Again, the nature of the calls would give more info, however I am sure it is best (especially at this time) that you not share details.

When employees are let go, even for the most obvious reasons, like being completely drunk at work, they will often get their feathers ruffled and start calling lawyers. These lawyers usually don't do anything for most of them as they simply have no case.

Is it not also possible that the personasis TRYING to make noise and the lawyer is just doing some discovery work to quetion your SOX compliance and his potential client's validity? In which case, if answers are provided accordingly there should be no issue.

Just too many variables without knowing details really.

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by CMotta In reply to SOX Panic

They are probably trying to understand where are you and/or your team in relation to SOX compliance given the deadlines for reporting your financial statements, and what impact this employee may have had on the organisations compliance efforts. As someone said in this site, just call the people involved and have an open discussion about their agendas.

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Hey Sec .....Unless you have US interests..

by dafe2 In reply to SOX Panic

I'd be more worried about PIPEDA ;-)
I think they're just knoking on doors. I'd just answer the questions & put it out of my mind.

Whatever you do - Don't engage them..........let'em come to you.

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When you start worrying about foreign laws ...

by PMPsicle In reply to SOX Panic

Ah, executives. Give them a little info and they
start going nuts .... :)

As the man said I'd worry about PIPEDA before I worry about a U.S. law.

Chances are that they either:
1. Just figured out that they have operations in the U.S. or are listed on the U.S. stock markets and therefore are subject to SOX.
2. Have just read about SOX and don't realize that Canadian companies don't have to obey it unless 1. applies (you are still in T.O. I presume).
3. Have just been asked by their auditors (or pre-warned) or directors about SOX compliance and don't have an answer. (Which may be as simple as - "It doesn't apply to us").

Simplest solution is to ask and base your answer on why they're asking.

Glen Ford, PMP
Can Da Software
IS Project Management
Business Systems & Process Improvement

"Also freezing up here in Mississauga"

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thanks - can i ask you a PMP question?

by secure_lockdown In reply to When you start worrying a ...

perhaps you can help out a fellow mississauga-nite.

did the PMP help you much - career wise - in IT? i was thinking about it, but don't know if I would be aiming too high by going for a PMP.

i got CompTIA's Project+ (former IT Project+) but it hasn't helped me much in getting project mgtm interviews. next on my list it ITIL - but am willing to put that money into the PMP - if it will produce results in IT.

i am in the age old catch 22 situation. i can't get project management experience at my job because my job does not include much project management. but you can't get a project management job without project management experience.

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Special case

by PMPsicle In reply to thanks - can i ask you a ...

1. You won't get PM jobs unless you have a PMP in this area. Check out Workopolis, Hot Jobs, etc.. All the jobs locally are asking for post-graduate education (i.e. PMP or MCPM or MBA(PM)) or PMP/PMI registration.
2. Jobs in this area are as scarce as hen's teeth. Have been for 2+ years now. They are getting better in the last month or two. The biggest problem is just getting someone to look at your resume. (I've heard of one job where they got 500 PM resumes -- at that number you can't expect to find the 100 or so qualified candidates.)
3. I'm a special case - I've had health problems ever since writing the exam and have spent most of the fall in hospital. So even though I've been approached I've had to turn work down.

Contact me through here and I'll be glad to send you my phone number so we can talk.

Glen Ford, PMP
Can Da Software
IS Project Management
Business Systems & Process Improvement

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