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    SP Optimization


    by ashok ·

    Hi friends,

    Is any tutorial or useful link for stored procedure optimization with example.

    I searched in google.But it is not enough. Please if you know send me,

    Hope your’s reply.

    Thanks & Regards

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      by ashok ·

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      The techniques for optimising an sp

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to SP Optimization

      are exactly the same as those for a query.
      Well in terms of what it does anyway.
      There’s no hard and fast guide on how to optimise, and aside from illustrating a few tips, an exanple is going to be near usless.

      If it’s SQL Server, this is the best sight I’ve seen.

      Optimisation is more of an art than a science, aside from some general tips like index your tables and such, most of it is intuition and suck it and see.

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