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SP2 and P2P filesharing

By eddie.limoncelli ·
I'm in a peer-to-peer network, and most of my boxes are XP Pro. I have a Win98 box acting as a simple fileserver. When I install SP2, I cannot access the shared folders/files on the W98 box unless I turn off the firewall. The firewall properties show me how to allow INcoming filesharing, but not accessing network shares from within the firewall. any suggestions?
many thanks in advance.

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firewalls amongst a lan

by zeppelin In reply to SP2 and P2P filesharing

This is not really answering your question but if you are using a P to P Lan then you then you should get a hardware firewall since software firewall amongst the LAN will just cause headaches, uless of course your internal LAN can not be trusted. Also You would get better security if you used XP Pro as the file server OS and turn off simple file sharing then you can specify on a per user basis what file and folders can be accessed insteaded of windows 98s all or nothing.

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thanks . . .

by eddie.limoncelli In reply to firewalls amongst a lan

Thanks for your suggestions. I chose the Win98 box for the fileserver because 98 allows me to place passwords on each shared folder, XP relies on user login/access - and I have upwards of 100 users who need only occasional access with about 25 or so who need frequent access - to set up that many users on the XP box is impossible.

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