SP2 and Sata

By symon.l ·
Got a new raptor sata HD on Saturday, After installing windows XP pro everything was looking great. ran windows update and it came to Sp2 time, On running the installer my PC just reboots no error no blue screen, This only happens when i try and installed SP2, Ive downloaded the multi pc version 260+mb same problem, after the 5th attempts it installed but now soon as i get to the login screen PC just reboots again no warning. Safe mode works fine. Ive re-installed windows over the top again same problem im running out of idea's now. Any suggestion apart from format the sata again and re-install.

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Could be quite a few things but without more information

by OH Smeg In reply to SP2 and Sata

It's impossible to say with any certainty.

But if the unit is old the most likely thing is that when you attempt to Apply SP2 and it doesn't load or finish there is Incompatible Hardware.

M$ has removed the Compliance Tester for SP2 so you have to look at your hardware. The first things to look at are Optical Drives, when SP2 first came out M$ advised that quite a few CD Burners where not compatible with SP2 but as more and more people started to install SP2 it became obvious that it wasn't just CD Burners but all Optical Drives more than 6 months old could have issues.

I spent a week once attempting to install SP2 onto a P4 and every time the Partition Tables on the Boot drive where wiped away so after the install there was nothing left to boot from.

In that particular case it was a Samsung DVD ROM drive causing the problems. Generally speaking Intel Chip Set M'Boards of the 440 BX or newer don't have a problem but some of the other Chip Set M'Boards could have issues with SP2. Other things to look at besides Optical Drives of all types are some scanners and drivers. If you have new or at least relatively new Hardware look at updating the drivers to the newest available and try again to install SP2.

Just a word of warning here It's safer to have a Clone of the HDD so that if SP2 damages the Boot Disc you can reimage the Boot Drive in a few minutes and not waste hours wiping the HDD and reinstalling Windows.

It would have helped no end if you had of said if SP2 was previously installed. If it was you need to look at what has changed and see what can be altered. Drivers are always a good starting point if it was working previously.

If you where not using a SATA Drive Previously try grabbing the newest Drivers for your Hardware.


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by symon.l In reply to Could be quite a few thin ...

yeah maybe it would have been better if id explained abit more. nothing on the PC has changed apart from going from IDE to SATA, before going to SATA i had no problems with Sp2 just fancied upping my load speeds a little. PC has all the latest drivers on it.

Specs -
Neo-v 649 mainboard.
1 x sata 150gb raptor
1 x on board sound.
1 x PCI-e Gforce 8800 GTS
2 z 1gb RAM HyperX
1 x Intel pent 3.0 gz processor

Like i said everyhing was working fine software and hardware until i decided to go with sata.

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by TheChas In reply to SP2 and Sata

It sounds to me like you have a driver conflict with SP2 for at least 1 hardware item.

I recommend that you create a slipstream CD with SP2 included so that the correct version of the drivers install when you install XP.

There are numerous web pages that have instructions on how to create a slipstream CD.


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never tried it

by symon.l In reply to SlipStream

but just found this,

Ill give that a wirl after the 12 hour shift im on! correction its now only 9 hours 30 mins oh the joy.

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