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SP2 for Windows XP is officially available

By Joseph Moore ·
Here's the link, direct from Microsoft to download SP2 for Windows XP:

No, this is NOT a release candidate version.
It's out. It came out on Friday to manufactures, then it was available over the weekend on various places.
Then just recently today, Microsoft put it up on their site.

Apparently, it's aroun 250MB in size, so it's gonna take a while.

And now the fun really begins!

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Download article on this

by Joseph Moore In reply to SP2 for Windows XP is off ...

Here's the article on the Download site about this. This is the "Windows XP Service Pack 2 Network Installation Package for IT Professionals and Developers" version. "A smaller, more appropriate download will be available soon on Windows Update" which will be easier for users to pull down.

But if you are like me, you want the full version for office deployment.

And here are the Release Notes for SP2:

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Watch out with an Intel 10/100 VE Pro card

by mevanson In reply to Download article on this

I upgraded (or attempted to) my Gateway 450x Laptop and got nothing but BAD_POOL_HEADER errors when my on board NIC was enabled. Never could find a driver that would work with it. I had to back it off to SP1.
Anyone else have this problem....

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by admin In reply to SP2 for Windows XP is off ...

appreciate the post, I was going to look for it l8r today :)

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by jeneiva In reply to SP2 for Windows XP is off ...

I've tried to install SP2 but it aborts installation saying an internal error occured. Any pointers to this problem?

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SP 2

by Juan Lopez In reply to

Just keep on downloading it. It will eventually download completely. I was having the same problems but I kept downloading it, and it would resume were it left of.

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SP2 sucks

by JLB7144 In reply to

First instillation caused me to have to run (system recovery) the pits. Second time it ran for 20 minutes before abort,cuz, it says i need downloads for this and that etc, ect,this is missing and that is missing. It's made me very angry.Spent a week, loading all i could find for SP2,and still can not install it. I give up.

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We've had it since Friday...remember -

by TomSal In reply to SP2 for Windows XP is off ...

-- Don't put this on production boxes right away. I know that's like "DUH" kind of info for most everyone who's been in the field for a while, but we are human and do forget from time to time. Also, if you are a new admin in the field -- remember one of many cardinal rules "NEVER TRUST ANY NEW RELEASE-- REGARDLESS WHAT THE MEDIA OR THE MANUFACTURER STATE ABOUT IT. TEST TEST TEST!"

We have two "left over" machines in our server room, they are our test boxes for SP2, so far not a problem and we've thrown some of our custom developed apps at it as well.

Hopefully we should be giving it the "ok" to go on all our production systems that run XP within the next week.

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xp pro w nav cop ed 8.0 sp2 crashed machine

by Progrsys In reply to SP2 for Windows XP is off ...

Wn't boot says last app needs uninstall,won't safe mode,keeps restarting after auto restart cancelled.

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by Hagstrom In reply to xp pro w nav cop ed 8.0 s ...

Yikes! Good thing to know since we have NAV Corp. Ed. as well.. !

Wonder if Symantec/MS already know about this problem... ?

Thanks for the info!

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I've had to do a few things

by madcow9597 In reply to

Dont know if this will help you but in the registry i've had to change the path of the nav corp 9 path. to /??/ in front of the path for the symantec services. savrt and i forget the other one but there is help on the net for it. Check google groups.

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